How to Create a Healthy Working Environment

Having a healthy working environment where employees feel happy, comfortable and inspired is important for every business. Whilst it certainly benefits to have a well-designed space by building services engineering professionals, it doesn’t always need to cost a lot of money. There are lots of ways to ensure the office space is an enjoyable place to work from, without spending the big bucks. Below are just some ideas on how to create a healthy working environment for your staff.

  • Legislation – There are certain rules that a workplace has to follow in order to follow the law. Risk assessments must be undertaken to identify any hazards, plus there must be ventilation, access to drinking water and much more.
  • Comfortable seating – back pain is one of the biggest reasons for sick days in the UK. Quality seating that is designed for people that sit at desks for long periods of time is best for ensuring employees are comfortable on a daily basis.
  • Team building – encourage the employees to get to know each other and have each other’s backs with regular team building This keeps office relationships healthy and the general morale at a high. Activities can include HR development events, evening activities such as meals or karaoke, or daytime fun ideas such as car racing or sailing.
  • Set a staff policy – there should be a staff policy set out for everyone that is clear and fair. This policy should relate to everyone and it should be clearly followed.

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