How to Thoroughly Clean Your Kitchen

Cleaning the kitchen is an almost every day task with washing the dishes and surfaces. However every now and again a kitchen needs a very thorough clean to remove grease, dirt, crumbs and more. This can often seem like an intimidating task, but if it is organised in to sections and done step by step it will be done with in just a few hours. Here’s how you can give your kitchen a real thorough clean:

  • Fridge – Remove any expired food from the fridge and give it a wipe down regularly.
  • Freezer – Every so often you should unplug the freezer, remove everything, take away excess ice and clean out the freezer. Food can be placed in a cooler while you clean, and this gives the chance to remove expired products.
  • Cabinets – Kitchens Brighton can have unorganised cabinets if you do not sort them regularly. The inside and outside of cabinets should be wiped down and contents should be organised.
  • Stove – Clean the stove top with a strong cleaner that will remove excess food and grease. Then rinse and wipe over with a clean cloth to give it a shine.
  • Oven – The inside of the oven must be cleaned every few months with a solution to remove burnt residue, otherwise it can smoke when you are cooking.
  • Appliances – Smaller appliances such as the kettle, microwave and toaster should be cleaned on the inside and outside to keep them working in good condition.

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