Regular Safety Maintenance for Your Mercedes

No matter the age or condition of your Mercedes, regular maintenance is important for preserving the safety of the vehicle as well as ensuring the value retention. Mercedes servicing can be done by the manufacturer, dealer or trusted service centre that will still be covered under warranty. Avoid larger repairs in the future and make sure every part of your vehicle is safe while you drive it with servicing on a regular basis. In all conditions your vehicle will be safe to drive, here are some examples of what is checked and maintained in a service:

Weather Conditions

To make sure the driver can see in the wind and rain, the windscreen is the most important place that needs to be kept clear and clean. The lights must also be working well to see through fog and rain.

  • Windscreen wipers, blades and washing system.
  • Headlamps and cleaning system.

Darkness and Low Lighting

During low lighting and darkness, the lights on a car are the most important part of staying safe and being able to drive safely. The headlights and brake lights must be working for other vehicles to see the car and for the driver to see ahead, and full-beam should be available in the case of dark streets.

  • Headlights, brake lights and full beam.
  • Headlamp change and adjustment.

Hills and Mountains

When driving up and down mountainous roads, the most important part of vehicle safety is the brakes and tyres.

  • Level of brake fluid.
  • Brake pads and discs.
  • Tyre quality, tread depth and air.

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