The Growth in Popularity of the First Dance at Weddings

Surprisingly, the first dance at a wedding was unheard of just a few decades ago. These days however, the bride and groom’s first dance is one of the most memorable parts of a wedding. During the wedding reception after the food has been eaten and speeches are finished, newlyweds are expected to dance on the dance floor alone to their chosen song, before the guests are invited to dance.

For many couples, the first dance will be a slow dance to their favourite or most meaningful romantic song. Some people prefer to take dancing lessons before taking to the stage in front of their guests, and others will just play it by ear when the time comes. On some occasions, couples will make a surprise show for their first dance, and other times the newlyweds may choose an upbeat, funky song to have some fun to on their big day.

It seems the main reason for the growth in popularity of the first dance at weddings Eastbourne and nationwide is the influences from Hollywood and films. Once something begins to grow in popularity, it also becomes a tradition. The first dance is now a normal part of most wedding across the UK and it has become an expected part of the union that takes place. The type of song and dance however, can be very different depending on the couple and their tastes, plus the location and style of the wedding.

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