Vintage Bathroom Style Ideas

If you love classic, traditional and elegant decor themes, then you will love a vintage bathroom style. There are a range of vintage bathroom elements from fun and retro, chic and sophisticated to charming country cottage style. Install a new bathroom or simply update your old one with these vintage bathroom style ideas.

  • A great way to bring a vintage feel to the bathroom is with the walls, either with period inspired art pieces or with wallpaper featuring traditional patterns. Another fun, cheap way is by finding posters with retro designs such as movie posters and sticking them to the wall.
  • Retro tiles are another way to bring a fun, vintage inspired style to the bathroom. They can be a range of different colours and designs to match the rest of the room, and installed either on the floor or the wall (or both!).
  • If you want to add just a slight vintage touch, use accessories placed around the bathroom such as classic hairbrushes, furniture pieces and other styling equipment.
  • Your linen and textile choices can also be inspired by vintage styles, such as thick, luxurious looking bath towels and fuzzy mats. Shower curtains can feature period patterns and even lace or fringe.
  • The lighting is a very important part of any room in the house, and especially in the bathroom. Use chandeliers or other vintage inspired lamp shades to add to the classic look.

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