Stress and Skin

It cannot be denied that today’s lifestyle is busy. We have to deal with many kinds of competition and pressure, so it is hard to avoid stressful situations. Stress not only affects the mind but also affects all parts of the body including skin. There are a lot of problems that cause people to feel stress such as financial problems, work problems, health, family, education, love, traffic jams, competition in the workplace and even the political situation. At present, these problems cause concern. But, if people are able to accept that it is a part of their life and try to fight with their firm and strong mind and at the same time, just try to enjoy while solving problems, so people will have no stress or feel less stress. 

Stress has negative effects  on all of our body systems, including the digestive system, causing stomach aches, diarrhea, and constipation. Stress can also create difficulties with the respiratory system, resulting in irregular breathing. All of the mentioned problems affect the body and skin, just the same as the chain system. The outcome of stress can lead to many kinds of skin problems or it can be said that stress can intensify the skin problems. It can increase people’s  hands and feet sweat. Some people usually squeeze their acne. Some people with severe stress may scratch the skin until the strange-shaped wounds appear. Some people feel itchy so they scratch their entire body until the skin forms a hard blister. When the exam arrives, some people may have dermatitis, which manifests as an itchy rash all over the body, and they may scratch until the lymph fluid pours. Stress also causes wrinkles between the brows, and those who frown often will develop wrinkles in this area.

It can be seen that if people can handle stress, it affects all kinds of diseases, skin problems and wrinkles will be less. There are many ways to get rid of stress depending on people’s preference. Some people may use moral principles or meditation, play sports, sing, spend time with pets, plant trees, play games, watch movies, listen to music, travel or do some of their favorite hobbies. Therefore, people have different ways to cope with stress but the result is the same which is clear mind and cheerful. The important thing is enough and deep sleep, it will help to decrease a lot of stress. Since sleeping and resting will allow people to wake up bright, rested, and refreshed. Also, it allows people to have physical strength, mental strength, and be ready to accomplish the following day’s goal. Most importantly, the body can repair damaged parts and recover to function more efficiently.

ที่มา ผศ.พญ.สุนิสา ไทยจินดา
Source: Asst. Prof. Doctor Sunisa Thaijinda
เวชศาสตร์ชะลอวัย เล่ม 1 (พิมพ์ครั้งที่ 4) จากพื้นฐานสู่แนวปฏิบัติ
(Anti Aging Medicine Vol. 1 (4th Edition) Basic to Practical), -กรุงเทพ: อมรินทร์พริ้นติ้งแอนด์พับลิชชิ่ง, 2564 หน้า 135 – 138
Bangkok: Amarin Printing and Publishing, 2021
page 135-138

Translated by Phakaporn Silaphakul


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Stress and Skin

It cannot be denied that today’s lifestyle is busy. We have to deal with many kinds of competition and pressure, so it is hard to avoid stressful situations.

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