Gravich Resveratrol Grape Skin 30 capsules

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Gravich Resveratrol Graves Skin (30 capsules)

Dietary supplement, Anti-aging formula (Grape seed and bark extract, astaxanthin and blood orange)

– Helps slow down wrinkles, look younger.
– Restores and nourishes skin cells to be smoother and more flexible.
– Prevents sun damage and reduces inflammation.

Product Details

Take 1 capsules daily

Red Wine Grape Bark Extract
Contains natural active substances which are Trans-Resveratrol, OPCs, Polyphenol and the new Reveratrol species Trans- ε -Viniferin, which has been researched and found to stimulate the enzyme responsible for Telomere cellular aging indicator, which at the end of the chromosome has an increase in length, does not shrink, resulting in youthful skin. Also, slow down the aging process of the body, rejuvenate the skin to help fight free radicals, increase the activity of the SOD enzyme, thereby reducing the chance of premature aging.

Grape Seeed Extract
It’s abundant in essential flavonoids which is Oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs). It is highly effective in stimulating blood circulation and nourishing capillaries. Helps prevent the deterioration of collagen and elastin, reducing inflammation, control the process of Melanogenesis, helps the skin look radiant and reduce premature aging.

Astaxanthin is categorize as a group of carotenoids. It is the most common red substance in Hematococcus pluvialis algae, a source of the most powerful antioxidants and recognized worldwide for aging care. It is more effective than vitamin E 550 times and vitamin C up to 6,000 times, thus it helps to reduce wrinkles, deep fine lines, reduce inflammation, protect skin cells and reduce the harmful effects of sunlight. Also, make the skin look young.

Blood Orange Extract
Blood oranges are abundant in important substances that are beneficial to the body, including anthocyanins, vitamin C (ascorbic acid), hydroxycinnamic acid and flavanones, help skin look radiant naturally. Reduce inflammation of the skin and reduce rashes from the sun.

GRAVICH Supplementary Nutrition invented and selected by scientists who specialize in dietary supplements. Using a potent extract combined with new innovations in food technology. Hence, the products are the most effective in skin care and can actually solve skin problems from inside to outside which has been tested for safety and is recognized by experts. We use key components with the lowest risk and highest safety.

Ingredients in 1 capsule
– Grape peel extract 125 mg
– Hematococcus pluvialis extract 50 mg
– Blood orange extract 50 mg
– Grape Seed Extract 30 mg
– Apple Cider Vinegar Powder 20 mg
– Zinc Amino Acid Chelate 20 mg (Providing Zinc 4 mg)
– DL-Alpha-Tocopheryl Acetate 50% (Vitamin E) 10 mg
– Selenium Amino Acid Chelate 3.5 mg(providing selenium 35 micrograms)


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